13 Franchisor Aha Moments (And How eCommerce Helps Franchises Scale)

February 14, 2020

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Whether you’re an emerging franchise with dozens of locations or you’re on the Franchise Top 500 list, you know that operational hurdles can halt your growth and hinder your success.

ECommerce technology and automation helps franchisors scale faster and with fewer resources.

Here are 13 Franchisor Aha Moments that have forced franchise networks to contemplate how commerce technology can help them scale:

Franchisor Aha Moment #1: 

Your end customers want the ability to shop online. Your franchise units don’t have the time or skillset to vet technology vendors and eCommerce providers. You want to empower them with an eCommerce experience while maintaining control over the brand and the experience for franchisees, employees, and customers.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Enable local franchisees to extend their sales online with localized eCommerce experiences that they can roll out quickly and easily.

Franchisor Aha Moment #2: 

You’re growing franchise units, relationships with suppliers, and the product catalog available to both franchisees, employees, and/or customers. 

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Grow confidently with technology that can handle your growth plans over time.

Franchise Aha Moment #3:

You’re currently missing out on sales because all orders are funneled through a single call center with limited business hours

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Franchisees are able to order supplies and retail products 24x7x365, via an online experience available on any device. 

Franchise Aha Moment #4:

Your franchise locations need many customized marketing materials, and you want control over what’s being ordered and how the brand is being represented.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Systemize control over brand standards. 

Franchise Aha Moment #5:

You want to curate and control which suppliers franchisees work with, and have an easy way to swap those suppliers out if need be. You also need the ability to assign specific suppliers to appropriate franchisees based on location or other criteria.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Take control over franchisee-to-supplier relationship.

Franchise Aha Moment #6:

You want to make your vendor relations processes digital, but you have complex processes, workflows, and permissions you need both franchisees, employees, and suppliers to follow.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Support corporate procurement processes and workflows automatically. 

Franchise Aha Moment #7: 

You have a vendor relations team focused on playing “the middleman” between your franchisees and your preferred suppliers. You recognize your system’s lack of efficiencies, your lack of control over supplier connection, and know you’re missing out on margin.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Simplify the supplier and/or vendor management and relations process and experience. 

Franchise Aha Moment #8:

You lack control over franchise-to-supplier relations and are missing out on margin from supplier sales.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Guarantee margin from supplier sales. 

Franchise Aha Moment #9:

In the competitive, franchise market, making it as easy as possible to open, run, and grow a franchise unit is vital. You don’t currently have a streamlined process for opening a franchise unit.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Attract new franchise owners by making “supplier ordering” a service.

Franchise Aha Moment #10:

Your franchisees need to place high volume orders, and/or they are placing many orders from many suppliers for many items, separately. You need to use digital commerce for something beyond just selling – you need to create process efficiencies.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Streamline and automate the process for placing complex, high volume orders. 

Franchise Aha Moment #11:

You track inventory and purchases via an in-store P.O.S. system. But the onise is still on staff to watch inventory levels and manage the restocking process for both retail products and all supplies needed to run the business.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Automate the replenishment of supplies or retail products via your P.O.S. system. 

Franchise Aha Moment #12:

You have a call center staff or field sales staff spending most of their time placing orders on behalf of your franchisees. You have an opportunity to repurpose this talent to support your sales and franchisee service goals.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Reduce and/or repurpose your call center and field sales rep staff by eliminating the need for manual order entry.

Franchise Aha Moment #13:

You’re experiencing higher than desired order errors due to the manual nature of your order entry process.

How eCommerce technology helped them scale: Eliminate the manual order entry process and manual order errors. 

If you’re interested in learning more, download our eBook: “4 Franchisor Success Stories: How eCommerce, order management, and marketplace technology supports franchise growth.”

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