3 B2B eCommerce Benefits for Franchises and Chains

January 10, 2020

Category: Best Practices

Franchises and chains are complicated businesses.

Maintaining brand control, empowering staff, and simplifying business complexities across multiple locations, time zones, and even cultures can require a massive amount of people resources, time and money.

As more and more businesses begin to address the evolving digital environment, they’re looking at eCommerce platform providers to help steer them into the future. For franchises or chains, a modern approach to eCommerce can be a way to support continued growth and add value to all parts of the franchise network.

For Papa John’s a national franchise pizza chain with over 17,000 employees and 3,500 stores, a modern approach to eCommerce was required for them to maintain efficiencies across all their locations, and to continue to modernize and respond to their staff’s digital demands.

Prior to beginning work with Four51, Papa John’s had utilized a catalog and a call center system to process orders. This was not only expensive to operate, but also inconvenient for franchise owners, wasting both time and money. It also did not allow for real-time customization of material to support specific franchise locations’ promotions, programs or specials.

To support their continued growth, they knew that they needed a more effective way for franchisees to order operational supplies, marketing materials, and even pizza ingredients from corporate and their various suppliers.

With Four51, Papa John’s was able to create a one-stop-shop for franchises to place orders. They are now able to:

  1. Control their Brand Across Multiple Locations
    Franchisees can order everything they need to market their business (signage, uniforms, advertisements, etc.). They can customize marketing materials through the application and gain the necessary approvals before ordering.
  2. Create Operational Efficiencies
    Four51’s modern technology allows Papa John’s to set-up rules and permissions that eliminate the need for many of the manual workflows they had in place before. For example, orders placed by specific user types are routed to regional managers for approval before they are submitted to corporate for fulfillment.
  3. Improve the Franchisee Experience
    In today’s digital age, people expect a slice of digital heaven even when it comes to how they work. Offering the ability to manage their business on any device at any time of day empowers franchisees to run their business on their own time.

Whether you’re a cosmetics, hospitality, foodservice, financial or other type of franchise or chain, taking a modern approach to technology will allow your business to realize new value and continue to offer a great experience to your entire network.