[eBook] 4 Franchise eCommerce Case Studies

February 5, 2020

Categories: B2B eCommerce, B2B Marketplace, Digital Transformation Strategy

Dear Franchisor,

Four51 has spent the past 20 years helping complex, highly distributed businesses in the franchise space (and beyond) by providing franchise eCommerce solutions

We’ve learned, alongside you, that there comes a point in every emerging franchise’s life when you hit a crossroads: 

(1) keep operating your business the way you have been and miss out on the opportunity to support sustained growth, or 

(2) focus on improving your processes and systems so that you can move at the speed of tomorrow.

It’s this reality and decision that often forces franchisors – whether they’ve reached dozens of locations or they’re on the top 500 list – to start thinking about how commerce technology can help them scale faster and with fewer resources. 

It becomes a time to contemplate how to create systems that will give you a competitive advantage so that you can continue to attract top business leaders to your franchise network for years to come. 

In this eBook we explore 4 franchise eCommerce, order management, and marketplace case studies

and how amazing online ordering experiences have generated game-changing results.

1. A FRANCHISOR WITH MULTIPLE RESALE BRANDS enables franchisees to extend retail sales online.

2. A FAST FOOD FRANCHISOR automates all ordering of supplies not-for-sale, creating a B2B ordering hub for franchisees.

3. A FITNESS FRANCHISOR automates the supply chain, connecting global franchise units to the supplier network via a B2B marketplace.

4. A BEAUTY FRANCHISE empowers salon staff to place high volume orders online instead of calling a call center.

We hope this franchise eCommerce resource will help educate and inspire your organization through today’s digital age.



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