Top 4 Questions to Ask During a B2B eCommerce Platform Demo

September 12, 2018

Category: Best Practices

Just type in “B2B eCommerce Platform” into the internet search bar and you’ll get a sea of companies, products, and blog articles about everything related to B2B eCommerce. With so many features, price points, and technologies, it can be hard to know where to start. One of the most important parts of choosing a B2B eCommerce platform is requesting a demo from all of the companies you are considering.

During each software demo, you’ll be able to determine which company offers the right product and level of service that you’re looking for.  So, how do you find a company that offers the platform with all of the features you’re looking for, with the right level of support?

Here are the top 4 questions you should be asking during a B2B eCommerce platform demo:

Does this system meet my needs and requirements?

Before you even get to a demo, you should have a very clear view of your B2B eCommerce needs and requirements. During the demo, you should be able to know if the platform meets your basic requirements such as user experience, workflow, integrations and more.

How long will it take to be up and running?

Many out of the box solutions can take an extended period of time to launch. Make sure that the implementation timeline meets your business needs and you take into consideration some of the often overlooked processes that take additional time such as QA and testing.

How much is it going to cost?

The cost of B2B eCommerce goes beyond just the bill being paid upfront. There are many things to take into consideration when evaluating the cost of a platform including: total cost of ownership, subscription services vs. owning the software, development, and the cost to maintain the platform long term.

Will this platform still work for me in five years?

There is no point in investing in a B2B eCommerce platform if it’s not going to work for your business in the future. The demo team should be able to answer questions such as: how easy are upgrades and updates? Can the platform scale as my business grows? Will your company still answer my phone calls in five years?

Make sure that you’re making demos worth your time, and that you walk away from the meeting with every question checked off. When you are looking for a B2B eCommerce provider, be sure that they can answer all of your questions and that they’ll be with you throughout the entire implementation process, and for years after.