4 Security Questions to Answer Before a Cloud Migration

May 4, 2021

Category: Digital Transformation Strategy

Today, the globally competitive market requires B2B businesses to have flexible and scalable technologies that can quickly respond to changing business needs. Taking advantage of modern technology architectures helps businesses grow, and as such, many B2B businesses are turning to the cloud. 

Migrating systems, applications and data to the cloud is no small task and requires careful consideration of any security concerns. Businesses that are planning to begin a cloud migration often have many questions regarding security. These are the questions that you should be asking during any cloud migration process – both internally and externally to any potential cloud providers. 

4 Security Questions to Answer Before a Cloud Migration

What shared responsibility does my business have when it comes to hosting my data in the cloud?

When looking for a cloud provider, there should be a clear distinction between responsibilities. While a business is still responsible for taking security measures for it’s applications and data, a cloud service provider should have extensive controls across all levels of the cloud delivery model. 

Are there security threats that we should prepare for when migrating to the cloud?

Although Cloud is considered secure, there are a number of threats that need to be considered during a migration including virus attacks, malware, and breaches. These threats vary based on internal business processes and technology, so a business should be prepared for any of the following security risks:

  • Insecure access controls
  • Insecure interfaces/APIs
  • Data breaches
  • Hacking of accounts
  • Insider threats

How should we prepare our data for a cloud migration?

One of the most important steps of migrating to the cloud is ensuring that you have clean and organized data. All data should be classified into categories such as restricted, private, and public to determine how critical or sensitive the information is. By doing this, safeguards can be put in place to ensure the data is protected appropriately during the migration process. 

Are you able to meet my regulatory and compliance requirements? 

Today, there are more regulations pertaining to data than ever before, so staying compliant is a major concern for any cloud migration project. Because of the accessibility of data in a cloud environment, it’s important to track who can access all of your data and information. One of the most common questions to ask a cloud provider is if they are SOC 2 compliant. SOC 2 compliance means that a provider’s information security measures are in line with highest standards and requirements. 

As with any technology project, it’s common for businesses to focus on RFPs to vet a cloud vendor. However, it’s also important to understand how your business can ensure that its data is safe and secure both through the cloud migration process and after. These questions should help get you started on your cloud migration project today.