[eBook] The 7 Realities of Today’s CIO

April 22, 2019

Categories: B2B eCommerce, Digital Transformation Strategy

The digital transformation era has arrived.

To prepare for the future, enterprises are shifting to new business models, addressing new challenges and focusing their strategies on new technologies. Delivering value through digital platforms, modern customer experiences, and other forward-thinking strategies is essential to remaining competitive.

Chief Information Officers (CIOs), who once were known as technology gatekeepers or even roadblocks, are now charged with being the driver of innovation and change across their company’s technology infrastructure, people, and its processes.

This shift is making the CIO role one of the most vital and influential in pushing the business forward and impacting the bottom line.

In our latest eBook, we’ve outlined the differences between yesterday’s and today’s CIOs, the 7 Realities Today’s CIOs are faced with, and how Four51 OrderCloud is turning CIOs into digital transformation heroes for their organization.

Download the full eBook here.

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