Add Curbside Pickup Feature in 3 Days: Made Possible by MACH

October 14, 2020

Category: Headless eCommerce

The COVID-19 pandemic brought extreme changes to the business landscape. Enterprises have been forced to look differently at the types of ordering, delivery, and purchasing options to continue serving their customers. Previously relying on instore sales as their main source of revenue, many retailers found themselves needing a different solution. National and local leaders mandated retailers’ doors to shut and inviting customers in-store was no longer an option.

Our customers in both the B2B and B2C space found themselves scrambling to innovate around ways they might get product and service in front of customers without…being directly in front of customers. They considered major alternatives across many parts of their business:

  • Sales Channel Alternatives: For those used to relying on brick and mortar sales, conversations around digital sales channels rose to the top of the priority list.
  • Communication Alternatives: For some companies, their main changes involved a shift in IT’s focus when it comes to internal toolsets. They needed the ability to quickly ramp up online selling capabilities to keep their field sales and distribution reps in front of customers in an alternative way. That’s why we saw adoption of tools like Zoom take off.
  • Shipping Alternatives: For others, COVID-19 forced them to consider the addition of new and alternative shipping and logistics options to be able to deliver on increased demand from online orders. 
  • Delivery Alternatives: For others, the ability to pick-up product without contact with another person was the main way to maintain customers and revenue. Within the last 6 months, curbside pickup capabilities have become common place whether the retailer has an eCommerce experience or not.

One “low hanging fruit” improvement – as our customers thought of it, was adding curbside pickup options to the check-out experience.

Curbside pickup is a safe and effective way to pick up your order from any retailer, distributor, restaurant, or service provider. With curbside pickup, you wait inside your vehicle and in-store staff delivers your order directly to your car door. Amidst the pandemic, this has allowed store staff and customers to keep their distance from each other as we’ve worked to eliminate the spread of germs.

And even outside of the pandemic, curbside pickup offers a convenient way to get through your shopping list.

Unfortunately for companies stuck using traditional, monolithic software to power their eCommerce experience, “adding curbside pickup” is no easy feat. Old technology does not always make adding new features and functionality something that can be done overnight unless the feature comes “out of the box”. Any major changes to the front-end experience disrupt the back-end, and the development of a new feature often involves extensive budgets and resources.

Thankfully, modern technology makes things much easier. 

Add Curbside Pickup Feature to your Commerce Experience in 3 Days with MACH Architecture

With the flexibility and agility that comes with MACH architecture, adding curbside pickup feature can be completed in a matter of days. Changes to the front-end experience do not disrupt backend functionality, minimizing any potential risks or hold-ups.

With eCommerce platforms like OrderCloud™ that are built with MACH architecture, you get:

  • Improved Speed with Less Risk – Get the added curbside pickup feature faster without disrupting backend functionality and taking on performance risks. 
  • Avoid Saying “NO!” to Feature Requests  – With MACH architecture, you no longer need to settle for less-than-the-best add-ons that come with software suites. Because of its composable nature, MACH makes adding new features or new microservices commonplace as you think about your eCommerce experience roadmap.
  • Say “Goodbye!” to Breaking Changes  – Never worry about a new feature being a disruptive upgrade that seems like replatforming projects in themselves, ever again. With MACH architecture, all releases are automatic and non-breaking. There’s a clear, inherent boundary between our code and yours which makes this possible.
  • Seamless Customizations and Innovation – The ability to constantly change and innovate on the customer experience is a key pillar to MACH architecture. Whether you need to add curbside pick-up capabilities over the weekend or launch a rebranded ordering experience for a high-profile, enterprise customer, MACH makes that possible.

MACH architecture makes an urgent feature request an easy “Yes!” So when our customers needed to add curbside pickup to respond to the changing business landscape throughout this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, we could deliver the feature quickly, cost-effectively, and without any disruptions to business.

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