B2B Buyers Demand Mobile-Optimized Content

February 3, 2015

56% of the buyers buying from B2B e-Commerce sites frequently use mobile phones to view those sites.

It’s not enough for manufacturers and distributors to just sell their products online anymore, a mobile friendly experience and responsive design is expected, according to a survey and article released by Internet Retailer today.

To make sure your site is mobile friendly, follow these 2 quick steps:

First, make sure that your site is responsive. We’ve all been on our phones, browsing the web, only to try to utilize a website that is not optimized for mobile. Trying to zoom in or click on buttons tinier than our fingers creates a frustrating experience, to say the least.

A responsive site has content that adapts to the size of your browser (desktop, mobile, or tablet for example), and it is managed by one interface, instead of having both a desktop and a mobile site to manage. To test for this, go to your webpage on your desktop and change the size of your browser:

Responsive Site Design

If your images get chopped off, or you see horizontal scrolling, your site is not responsive, meaning you just lost your mobile buyer. It’s time to either upgrade or switch e-Commerce platforms to ensure you are retaining those users and maintaining your bottom line. Four51 offers an easy to administer responsive design that allows you to create a multi-channel, multi-product, multi-user, multi-branded experience that’ll look good on any device.

Second, to ensure a good experience for buyers who are using their mobile device, make sure that your product and category content and descriptions are short, skimm-able, and include catchy graphics – great things that will catch your mobile buyers’ and researchers’ eyes while they are on the go.

Make sure your B2B e-Commerce experience is strong by utilizing a mobile-friendly, responsive design that is easy to manage on your end, and easy to maneuver on their end.