How B2B eCommerce Helps Your Employees Follow the Rules

March 26, 2015

Category: Best Practices

Let’s face it, there is no shortage of rules in the world we live in.  We begin learning them from the time we are born.  Some rules are taught to us, and some we just figure out.  Some rules are easy to remember, some are easy to forget, and even more exist that we never even know about.  We are given rules so we know what is expected of us, and we create them so we can let others know what we expect of them.

So what do rules mean in B2B eCommerce?


Rules are important in B2B eCommerce because they help with compliance, governance and most important the bottom line.  One of the most important tools available in B2B eCommerce are approval rules to an online order.

Approval rules are the conditional and multi-faceted guidelines set up to ensure the enforcement of spending controls and audit trails without the purchasing user or approving authority needing to learn or be trained on the rules that apply to them.

Modern day B2B eCommerce systems provide the best interface to standardize and manage business purchasing. The right solution can provide you with the extensibility to create and automate specific purchasing rules for any individual, group or organization with multi-tiered approvals based on a variety of criteria like order value or product category.  It can also help expedite the speed to product or service delivery through a simple to use interface accessible from any device on-the-go.

Establishing approval rules saves businesses time and money.  With the right B2B eCommerce platform, your approval rules can be easily set-up and managed administratively in such a way that your users or buyers don’t even have to know that they’re there.

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