A B2B eCommerce Market Update from Four51: The effects of COVID-19

March 22, 2020

Category: B2B eCommerce

It’s now been over a week since Four51 started working remotely in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We’re seeing things change every day – every hour! – and it’s amazing to think about all that has transpired in just one week.

Like you, we’re left wondering, “what will happen next?”

We thought we’d provide an update on what we’re hearing from customers and from prospects in regards to eCommerce and digital transformation within their businesses as we all maneuver these uncertain times together.

A B2B eCommerce Market Update from Four51:

Four51 customers with retail locations forced to close see an opportunity to move more ordering online. And they need the flexibility, scalability, and performance of the cloud to handle that sudden growth.

With growing mandates to limit social gatherings and with some counties nationwide moving to “shelter in place” mandates, many retail locations are being forced to close. Our customers in this boat are acting quickly to make sure these stores are set-up and ready to sell online. 

Other customers looking to avoid sending sales reps into the field to take and place orders, have confronted an opportunity to convert the “online ordering laggards” to online orderers.

The ability to provide our customers with timely partnership and scalable technology has never been more important!

Companies currently evaluating B2B eCommerce vendors see the benefit of a future-proof strategy and long-term partner to bring them through uncertain times.

After a busy week of sales calls as planned, Four51 is hearing that companies looking to adopt B2B eCommerce or replatform their insufficient B2B eCommerce experience staying the course in their vendor selection process. If things like agility, flexibility, scalability, and performance were important before, they’re even more important this week. In trying times like this, enterprises see the importance of future-proof strategy and a long-term partner that is going to carry them into the future with confidence.

Four51’s expertise is in helping companies of all sizes identify where their focus and resources should be allocated to continue handling orders through the months ahead. While the outbreak may slow some executive decisions, we understand that the initiatives that were set to drive growth in 2020 still stand regardless of the disruption and may even hold a more paramount responsibility of keeping your company successful. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can be of service to you and your team!

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