Customer Success: 7 Real B2B eCommerce Results

June 10, 2019

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Depending on your business’ objectives, there is a myriad of metrics to measure and analyze in regards to the results you expect from your B2B eCommerce or order management channel.

Depending on how engaged or knowledgeable your executive team is on digital transformation and automation, they may not be aware of the breadth of benefits that come from moving your ordering processes online. Implementing or replatforming to a modern B2B eCommerce platform can help transform your business in ways that you never even imagined.

Here are 7 Real B2B eCommerce results experienced by Four51 customers – companies like Diversified Foodservice Supply, Archway, and D&W Diesel:

1. Repurpose Valuable Staff.

A global cosmetics manufacturer who had a 30 person call center taking orders for 4000 salons worldwide, reduced their Customer Service Rep staff by 600% with a custom order entry solution. Not only were they able to eliminate unnecessary resources, but they were able to re-allocate resources to new, value-adding positions. They also experienced a significant reduction in order errors that came from a previously manual order entry process.

2.  Simplify Operations.

CUPS, a technology company that connects independent coffee shops with suppliers, was able to aggregate coffee shop demand via a supply store eMarketplace and connect hundreds of suppliers with independent coffee shops. Orders placed by coffee shops for supplies from multiple suppliers, are split automatically and sent to the appropriate supplier for fulfillment and shipping, eliminating the need to place multiple orders with multiple suppliers.

3.  Speed Up Growth.

Diversified Foodservice Supply, a restaurant supply distributor who sells to large restaurant chains like Chipotle and Honey Baked Ham, went from a zero to $18million run rate in their first three months of their work with Four51. The flexibility and scalability of Four51’s OrderCloud platform allowed them to deliver customized, branded experiences for their highest profile customers in the tight timelines they demanded.

4.  Consolidate Internal Systems.

Archway, a leading provider of marketing logistics, fulfillment services, and supply chain management solutions, was able to modernize and integrate their internal systems, going from 17+ order capture, order management, warehouse management, and shipping management systems, to 6. They had to use multiple different order capture systems and processes in the past, but they could now accomplish a wide range of their ordering needs with Four51’s OrderCloud, which allowed them to eliminate and integrate their systems more effectively.

5.  Manage Inconsistent Inventory.

A national franchising and leasing business consisting of five unique brands that all sell consignment products, was able to take control of their complex, eCommerce experience, enabling over a thousand, dispersed retail locations to manage their own eCommerce storefront, and with better control over inconsistent, unpredictable, consumer-driven inventory.

6.  Improve Performance and Load Times.

A national flower retailer, improved performance and load times by moving off an old, legacy platform onto Four51’s OrderCloud. They no longer had to worry about peak traffic days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, because of the cloud-based scalability that OrderCloud offers.

7.  Replatform Successfully.

D&W Diesel, a national distributor and remanufacturer of a wide variety of products for industrial and mobile equipment applications, successfully replatformed a 15 year-old, homegrown eCommerce experience with 60,000+ parts to OrderCloud in 9 months.

At Four51, we’re your digital accomplice – dedicated to out-innovating the limitations of eCommerce. We’ve spent the last 20 years helping our customers transform their businesses with technology of the future, today. Whether you’re looking to grow your online ordering channel, consolidate systems and processes, or to replatform from legacy systems, we have the tools and expertise to make it happen faster, better and cheaper.

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