Sales Distribution Lists: How B2B eCommerce Improves Sales Team Efficiency

October 25, 2018

Category: Best Practices

Efficiency (/əˈfiSHənsē/): The state of achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

Creating operational efficiencies is often a primary objective when it comes to digital transformation and automation. Finding ways to make employees as productive as possible so that they can optimize their time spent executing on value-adding tasks is one of the best ways to improve your bottom line.

B2B eCommerce improves sales team efficiency

Over the past several years there have been a number of articles that have come out about how B2B eCommerce is leading to the death of the sales person. These articles have claimed that digital transformation and the creation of opportunities for digital self-service for your customers is going to eliminate the need for sales reps.

We don’t believe this to be true.

With our customers, we’ve seen B2B eCommerce create sales team efficiency that allows them to spend less time with order taking and order placing, and more time improving relationships with customers and increasing sales.

Creating Distribution Lists to Speed Up Order Taking

When you look at all of the things sales reps do, there are lots of workflows and processes that can be improved and ultimately automated, freeing up time. One of those things is the process of creating the same order for a large number of customers or prospects.

Creating the same order to be sent to tens or hundreds of customers in each sales rep’s territory can take a large and unnecessary amount of time to complete. To help speed up this process, many of our customers who have both B2B and B2C applications built with Four51 OrderCloud, have implemented sales distribution lists that allow sales reps to assign any number of addresses to a list. Instead of placing the same order over and over again to send to different users, these distribution lists allow them to place one single order and select the distribution list as the recipient to their order. Then when the order is placed, it is replicated on the back-end to send to all of the addresses associated with the distribution list.

Here are a couple of situations where sales distribution lists could come improve sales team efficiency:

  • You have regional managers who are in charge of distributing new marketing materials to a group of retail locations. With sales distribution lists, the regional manager can create their master list of locations and place one single order to be sent to the full list each time new materials need to be sent out.
  • Your customers are smaller retail stores, so you have a team of field sales reps who are in charge of restocking shelves when inventory runs low or new products come out. Since inventory diminishes at a pretty steady rate, your field sales reps place orders for your retail stores at the same time each month. Sales distribution lists could speed this process up, and allow the sales reps to place one order to be sent to all retail locations.

Don’t let digital self-service make you defensive about your sales team. A flexible, scalable eCommerce platform allows you to automate unnecessary workflows so that your teams can be more efficient and drive better results for your business.

Can you automate workflows to improve sales team efficiency today?

If you can’t imagine doing something like this, it’s time to rethink your approach to eCommerce. Your eCommerce or order management platform should not limit possibilities when it comes to ways to create operational efficiencies and to improve your bottom line. A headless, API-first eCommerce platform makes both a completely custom front-end and a strong, secure back-end your reality. And a team with 20 years of experience dedicated to your success almost guarantees game-changing results.Four51 makes it possible