2 B2B Marketplace Success Stories

May 29, 2020

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In the early stages, B2B marketplaces were a way for B2B businesses to extend their online catalog to existing marketplaces like Amazon B2B and others. Today, B2B businesses are taking a different approach by creating private B2B marketplaces.

The beauty of B2B marketplaces is that they are a viable business model for many types of B2B businesses – from enterprise corporations developing new lines of business to Co-op organizations. From retail operators to start-up businesses. B2B Marketplaces are digitally transforming businesses across industries. 

2 B2B Marketplace Success Stories


Franchisors sit in the middle of a two sided network with franchise locations on one side and suppliers on the other. These types of distributed, multi-location businesses are great candidates for B2B marketplaces. They have an opportunity to create a one-stop-shop ordering experience for buyers, get a better handle on supplier or vendor relations, and guarantee margin off supplier sales.

Example: Papa John’s connects all franchise locations to a marketplace experience where they can shop both internally sourced products and those from external suppliers for everything from pepperoni to pizza boxes to jan/san material to marketing materials.

Tech-Enabled Businesses 

These are new business concepts, typically start-ups, that match demand and supply in previously unstructured markets. In the B2C space, we know examples of these well – marketplaces like AirBNB and Uber have become household names.

Example: cups is a virtual marketplace company dedicated to rethinking independent coffee shops operations. The team at cups is the marketplace sponsor, and they connect independent coffee shops to suppliers for everything from coffee cups to donuts to insurance plans to paper products.

For businesses that need to digitally connect a large group of buyers to an endless range of goods and services – supplied by an enormous variety of suppliers or vendors – B2B marketplaces are able to deliver the custom solution needed to make it happen.

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