4 Business Objectives That Can Be Solved Through B2B eCommerce

July 30, 2015

Our customers consistently let us know that they are able to solve their companies business objectives through B2B eCommerce.

As a Four51 customer, we want to make sure you get the very best from your solution. Our team of Solutions Consultants is on hand to ensure faster time to market, increased project quality and a better ROI so that you can reach your business objectives sooner.

Here are 4 Business Objectives that Can Be Solved Through B2B eCommerce:


“In working with Four51, we have been able to solve any business challenge in an innovative way so we can continue to deliver great service and solutions to our clients” -Krissy Anzaldo, Director of Marketing & Product Management,

  • Who: GC Incentives, a Division of
  • Challenge: GC Incentives experienced a lack of flexibility on a legacy technology platform that didn’t support their customization needs. Because of this, they were consistently losing deals with new businesses.
  • Results: Enhanced functionality due to increased OrderCloud features which allowed them to land new clients with more sophisticated buying needs. Responsive technology increased customer satisfaction and ordering ease on any device increasing overall customer morale.

“Four51 gave us the functionality and flexibility we needed to create a robust marketing sell sheet system that was easy to use across the entire company” -Lori  T, Marketing Program Manager, Bremer Bank

  • Who: Bremer Bank
  • Challenge: Financial Reps on-the-go and in the field needed an easier way to quickly and efficiently put together a proposal for new and prospective clients and send it digitally in the format the client preferred. Access to sell-sheets and proposals was hard with multiple intranets that could only be found at corporate. Financial reps were wasting time and energy building proposals when they could have been spending more time talking to clients.
  • Results: Bremer Bank was able to use Four51 to create a robust marketing sell sheet system and a Proposal Builder app that allowed users to search for documents using a menu, or keywords, preview documents, add customized cover letters and email immediately to prospective clients. This, in turn, was expected to increase the number of proposals sent, increasing the number of customers and making the entire process much more efficient to ultimately improve customer satisfaction.


  • Who: The City of Bristol College
  • Challenge: Students were walking into their admissions office, taking a prospectus booklet and walking away. The college had no idea who that person is, what courses they are interested in, or what funding needs they might have that the college could solve.
  • Results: Through a partnership between Four51 and Accent, The City of Bristol College was able to create a Customized Prospectus Builder app for prospective students which increased data gathering capabilities that allowed them to target and attract more talent by providing personalized information that students would want and expect.


  • Who: Art of Manliness
  • Challenge: 50k orders placed per year, 5k+ products for sale, and 30k active users in addition to many more guest users. Despite these numbers, Art of Manliness realized they needed a more user friendly, responsive solution that their customers were demanding, and they needed one that would allow them to implement custom promotions (i.e. BOGO) and sell more, faster.
  • Results: Through a partnership between Four51 and ROBYN Promotions, Art of Manliness was able to create a completely responsive storefront that improved results dramatically for the business. Comparing November through December of 2014 to the same period in 2013, the results show the success of the platform:
    • 35% increase in conversion rate
    • 102% increase in transactions
    • 200% increase in revenue generated
    • 47% increase in average order value
    • 80% increase in quantity sold

Our team of solution consultants focuses on helping our customers build, customize, re-develop or redesign sites for users creating a completely unique buyer experience that helps meet your business objectives. If you’re interested in our consultative services, please email