Case Study

CASE STUDY: How The Art of Manliness Increased Revenue by 200%

August 21, 2015

Category: Case Studies

It’s three months before Black Friday. You have 88 products for sale, over 30,000 active customers with thousands of orders placed per year, but you don’t have a user-friendly, mobile-responsive site. What do you do?

Implement OrderCloud.

The Art of Manliness, a blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man, noticed that their users were demanding a simpler storefront to purchase products. They needed a responsive solution, as over one third of their site traffic came from mobile, and they needed one that would allow them to implement custom features that would get them selling more, faster.

ROBYN Promotions used OrderCloud to help the Art of Manliness solve this problem. In less than three months, they implemented a brand new user-friendly, responsive storefront that included multiple custom features such as SEO-friendly product descriptions. The storefront is fully integratable with the applications that The Art of Manliness already utilized.

All of this was completed before Black Friday, and in just a year, the Art of Manliness experienced a 200% increase in revenue.