CASE STUDY: Four51 Uses OrderCloud, Too

October 16, 2015

Category: Best Practices

At Four51, we had a challenge.

With a multi-channel distribution strategy and the need to make marketing-approved, on-brand content available to channel partners, customers, and on-the-go sales reps, our marketing team was getting a headache. Multiple versions of collateral were being saved on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices; there was a lack of control over co-branded materials created by customers and partners; and no public library for all of the most updated versions of content. We were wasting too many of our resource’s time on version control, logo placement, and communication about new materials being created.

That was until we put Four51 OrderCloud to use within our own four walls and introduced a Marketing Collateral Library.

marketing collateral library

With the Marketing Collateral Library, Four51 employees, partners and customers can now access approved marketing materials at any time. Utilizing OrderCloud’s capabilities, we’re able to:

1. Create customized and permission-based profiles for employees, partners and customers so that when they log-in, they access relevant marketing materials and nothing more.

marketing collateral library

2. Make specific collateral editable so that when appropriate, employees, partners and customers can customize the piece with an additional logo or contact information.

marketing collateral library


marketing collateral library


marketing collateral library

For sales and support meetings, our sales and account reps now have the ability to pull up an example use case of Four51 OrderCloud in a meeting, and also get access to case studies and eBooks to pass along quickly and easily on any device. Employees can create branded presentations on pre-approved templates. Customers and partners can use personalized overviews and data sheets to explain their ordering processes and gain new business.

And the marketing team has less of a headache.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to move one small piece of your business’ puzzle online, consider a marketing collateral library of your own. If you have any questions or would like to see a demo of this solution, please email