[eBook] The Commerce Risk Mitigation Playbook

February 19, 2021

Categories: Digital Transformation Strategy, Headless eCommerce

As a new decade began, 2020 held the promise of exponential change for B2B industries. Enterprises were looking to technology as a strategy for growth. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic struck, technology projects could no longer take years, digital transformation was a sudden necessity. 

Many enterprises were in the middle of digital transformation efforts at the start of 2020, but as the pandemic struck, those efforts were sped up as a means for survival. For other enterprises, it meant implementing eCommerce strategies for the first time – whether they were ready or not. 

Across B2B industries, there is a collective acknowledgement that traditional, legacy software cannot support future looking digital strategies. However, some enterprises are still hesitant to adopt modern technologies due to decades old notions about replatforming projects. Enterprises are faced with a choice, double down on existing technologies or replatform.

But, what are the risks involved with choosing the wrong eCommerce platform? 

The Commerce Risk Mitigation Playbook

In this playbook, you’ll learn:

  • The 4 risks of choosing the wrong eCommerce platform
  • The ways that Four51 OrderCloud minimizes risk and reduces time to market

Download the Commerce Risk Mitigation Playbook today!

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