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Consignment Franchisor Enables Franchisees to Extend Retail Sales Online

February 14, 2020

Categories: B2B Marketplace, Digital Transformation Strategy

An international consignment franchisor who owns and operates multiple brands had a problem. The franchisor needed an eCommerce platform that empowered their brands across over 1000 locations to extend their sales online. 

But, not just any eCommerce platform would solve this problem and the complexities that came with the franchise and consignment space. As individual stores bought and sold specific merchandise, the system would need to be able to support self-supplied inventory management. Additionally, franchisees needed robust product and inventory management systems that would integrate with their Point of Sales (POS) system. Finally, the end customers needed the ability to create single orders for products across multiple franchise locations. The orders need to be split and sent to those locations for fulfillment. 

What they really needed was a new eCommerce platform and partner that could deliver on these complex requirements and help propel them through digital transformation. 

The franchisor came to Four51 looking for an eCommerce experience that would take them to the next level in their digital transformation journey. Four51 worked with the franchisor to deliver a new B2B2C eCommerce experience that empowered local franchisees to extend their retail sales online. The local franchise units are now able to self-manage their complicated consignment inventory. End customers are able to digitally shop from all locations, and complete a single transaction for products from many locations. 

The Consignment Franchisor Enables Franchisees to Extend Retails Sales Online

Since going live, the franchisor and its franchisees have seen an increase in eCommerce sales as more new customers are able to purchase their products online. And, the franchisor is now able to offer a service to franchisees that serves as a competitive advantage in the franchise space.

This case study is just one example of how franchisors are taking advantage of modern eCommerce, Order Management, and Marketplace technology to scale and grow their operations.

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