Case Study

Global Cosmetics Manufacturer Completes B2B Order Management Makeover

A global cosmetics manufacturer needed a custom B2B order management experience for their customer service reps, field sales reps, and global salon staff, that would integrate seamlessly with SAP.

A large, global cosmetics manufacturer had a problem. A few problems, actually.

A corporate mandate forced them to evaluate other eCommerce and B2B order management solutions. They needed to support their expansive customer service and field sales rep staff, as well as their 4,000+ salons worldwide. 

They had a call center staffed by 35 individuals who were completing all phoned-in orders manually via this system. This manual order entry process was driving up the cost of customer service. A growing amount of manual order errors added to their expenses. Reps spent the majority of their time taking orders, instead of focused on upselling, promotions and attracting new customers.

They also knew that in today’s digital age, the salons they served were expecting them to modernize. Being forced to call a call center between 9 and 5pm central time was not going to cut it. They wanted to offer the ability to order backbar, tester and retail products from any device, at any time of day.

In the midst of this challenge, the manufacturer found out that the SAP B2B order management solution their call center staff had been using was no longer going to be supported by the global IT department. They were being forced to migrate.

After talking with Four51, the global cosmetics manufacturer realized they’d found their match. They needed Four51’s 20 years of experience delivering custom, complex B2B order management. They needed flexible, scalable technology that would get them a custom application without the multi-million dollar budgets other platforms required.

Four51 delivered.

A custom B2B order management experience for customer service reps, field sales reps and salon staff alike.

In nine months, Four51 delivered a completely custom order entry solution tightly integrated with SAP.

The application allows the manufacturer’s customer service reps to rapidly enter orders as they are called in. The CSRs directed the design of the order entry experience so it worked with their existing processes.

Salon stylists and staff can now browse, shop, order, and re-order in a self-service manner. Dynamic search capabilities make ordering an average of 100 line items at once fast and efficient.

Salon staff and stylists can also view their order history, setup preferences, view inventory availability and manage claims and returns. Available promotions are presented as they move through the ordering experience, as well.

Further, the administrator also has a custom administrative experience. Role assignments and permissions allow the administrators to control the experience of many different types of users, including sales reps, salon owners, regional managers, and stylists. They can designate access to a specific product catalog, pricing, promotions, alerts, and more.

A best-in-show Transformation.

The cosmetics manufacturer saw 85% of salons placing orders online instead of calling into the call center within the first nine months. They’ve seen a steady increase in sales, as well as cart size, because of the application’s ease-of-use. Their ability to control cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and messaging further adds to their growing success.

The manufacturer also experienced significant cost savings. They’ve been able to repurpose their call center staff to new, value-adding positions. Significant reduction in order errors caused by the manual order entry process has also reduced expenses.

But the launch of their B2B order management application was only the beginning of our work together.

Over the past several months alone, they have:

  • Integrated with their print marketing vendor. When salon staff and stylists place orders for products within new product lines, they can add marketing materials to their order. This also streamlines the B2B order management process by enabling them to manage all orders in one place.
  • Completely redesigned the ordering experience. After gathering feedback from salon users, call center staff, and field sales reps, they realized the UI needed an update. The redesign now makes it easier to search for the products. It also better reflects updates they’ve made to their brand since the initial launch.
  • Added loyalty program capabilities. An integration with a sophisticated loyalty API makes managing their loyalty program seamless and easy. The addition of a complex promotions management engine empowers administrators to administrator promotions their way.

Whether it’s finding new ways to tell the brand story or identifying other best-of-breed technologies to integrate with, Four51 is dedicated to this cosmetics manufacturer’s ongoing results and success as they continue to grow and evolve.