Why You Should Revamp Your Digital Strategy With A Cloud-Based Solution

July 26, 2016

Category: Making the Case

Do you find that your eCommerce projects are taking too long, running over budget, and not as effective as you had planned?  Do you struggle getting internal staff to allocate the resources you need in order to deliver projects on time and on budget?  There are a lot of roadblocks to successful projects when you’re dealing with on-premise solutions.  Have you considered a cloud-based eCommerce solution?  

Developers are frustrated with many on-premise based solutions.  According to a recent Forrester report, 60% of developers see upgrades as a pain point with on-premise solutions, 42% feel the lack of customization capabilities is an inhibitor to a successful project, and the lack of integrations with other technologies is the number one problem with trying to accommodate all of the complex B2B requirements they are being asked to deliver.

Businesses are not delivering good customer experiences and therefore they are losing customers to the competition, not growing as fast as they envisioned, and not running their business as efficiently as they could if they had a better strategy and better execution.

Business executives are looking for a better way.  How about revamping your digital strategy by considering a cloud-based B2B eCommerce solution?  

Choosing a cloud-based B2B eCommerce solution will allow you to:

  • Get building faster – the platform takes care of the hard stuff: hosting, deployment, PCI compliance and rapid development toolkits get front-end developers moving faster
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest requirements – no need to wait for the next upgrade
  • Cheaper and more efficient – don’t worry about the backend with a cloud-based solution
  • Flexibility allows you to meet ALL of your customers needs faster with better, easier integrations

You will deliver a better customer experience, grow your business, fight off the competition and spend more time being an industry leader in your markets instead of trying to keep up.  Revamp your digital strategy and deliver results using Platform-as-a-Service for B2B eCommerce.