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D&W Diesel Reroutes their B2B eCommerce, Replatforming to Four51 OrderCloud

D&W Diesel realized that they are unique and out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions wouldn't cut it. They chose Four51 because they trusted we could deliver exactly what they needed.

D&W Diesel is a national distributor and remanufacturer of a wide variety of products for engine components, industrial and mobile equipment applications.

In 2009, they entered the digital sales landscape, launching their first eCommerce site targeted at people who were adding power to their vehicles. They were ahead of their competition from a digital standpoint.

But as their business matured, they quickly outgrew the eCommerce platform that launched them into the digital game.

So, D&W Diesel recognized that they needed to revisit their B2B eCommerce experience, and replatform to a solution that would steer them in the right direction.

D&W Diesel realized they are unique and out-of-the-box ecommerce solutions wouldn’t cut it.

There were four key reasons that D&W Diesel needed a new B2B eCommerce platform and strategy:

1. They have a vast customer base.

D&W Diesel customers range in size from large, international original equipment manufacturers to small repair shops to individuals who need to replace a specific part for their own pick-up truck. Their customer markets range from diesel engine repair to bulk tank loading and unloading to industrial manufacturing plants. They knew they needed an eCommerce experience that could highlight their capabilities and appeal to their diverse customer base.

2. They have a complex product catalog with unique workflows and ordering processes.

D&W Diesel sells both new and remanufactured products. Their products and processes are complex, and don’t fit a standard eCommerce platform.

For example, when they sell remanufactured parts, they charge customers a refundable core deposit. When that customer changes out their broken part, they return the broken part to D&W and are refunded their deposit. These core deposits needed to be detailed within the eCommerce experience as separate charges so the customer can differentiate between the product price and the refundable deposit.

3. they had scalability issues.

With over 60,000 part numbers in the product catalog, D&W Diesel needed unlimited bandwidth and sophisticated search capabilities that would allow a buyer to search the product catalog without experiencing slow load times. In the past, customers preferred to call in and place each order because their eCommerce experience couldn’t support their full product catalog and perform at optimal speeds.

4. They had a multitude of disconnected, homegrown systems.

With a homegrown ERP they weren’t interested in replacing, a solution that could integrate with systems past, present and future, was necessary. They needed to sync data and get their systems talking to each other to avoid manual workflows and order re-entry.

Something they knew they needed, but that they didn’t think was possible.

As they started exploring various technologies and services that could meet their needs, the D&W Diesel team realized that while so much of eCommerce can be standard – the shopping cart, sales tax calculations, shipping integrations – what they needed was the ability to truly customize the user experience because of their wide variety of customers, complex product base, and the unique way they do business.

“We chose Four51 because we trusted them; we truly believed that they could deliver what we said we needed. And they did.”

Stephanie Church,
IT Manager | D&W Diesel

Four51 OrderCloud: Now powering D&W Diesel’s Digital Engine

Four51 – on a mission to disrupt antiquated processes and systems by reimagining the way eCommerce is delivered – implemented a game-changing B2B2C eCommerce experience that matched D&W Diesel’s requirements via

D&W Diesel could take advantage of Four51 OrderCloud’s complex, B2B2C eCommerce functionality, while still dictating the custom user experience they knew they needed because of the headless nature of the platform.

Customers ranging from large, international original equipment manufacturers to small repair shops, can now browse and shop D&W’s entire product catalog. The ability to log back in, view their order history and easily place re-orders has converted many to loyal, repeat customers.

In the first few months after launch, D&W Diesel has experienced growth in online customers, reduction in order errors, and improved customer satisfaction.

“Four51 never said, “Well, you’ll just have to go back and change the way you run your business if you want this technology to work for you.” Four51 made the technology work for us.”

Stephanie Church
IT Manager | D&W Diesel
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