Make Updates Dynamically with a Modern Approach to eCommerce

August 2, 2018

Category: Best Practices

While companies have always looked to commerce suite vendors to support basic capabilities like running online catalogs, shopping carts and promotions, they now expect highly customized seamless purchase journeys, innovative fulfillment options, assisted sales alternatives, integrated microservices, PIM systems, unique corporate account ordering experiences, and much more.These new demands are driving the need for enterprises to move towards modern eCommerce technologies like headless eCommerce platforms which can support fast, cost-effective, custom B2B eCommerce applications that go beyond the shopping cart.

Traditional, legacy eCommerce platforms often come with a predefined experience for both an end user, as well as an administrative user. Additionally, front-end developers are constrained to the front-end design and process that is created by the solution. If they wanted to change the data or the experience, they’d need to change the database, the code and the front-end, making even the smallest change a large business risk.

Modern eCommerce platforms allow you to make dynamic updates faster

A modern eCommerce strategy allows you to continuous evolve and improve your eCommerce experience, adding new features and extending the experience to new channels. An API-first, headless platform allows you to make the updates you need without the risk of affecting the back-end architecture. With a headless eCommerce platform, your development team only has to worry about your user interface, which you can tailor specifically to your needs. That content is published and pushed out separately from the back-end architecture meaning updates and changes are quick and easy, without fear of disrupting service. By choosing a headless eCommerce platform, you are choosing to future-proof your updates. Since there is no back-end technical changes required to update the user interface, growth and keeping up with customer demands is just steps away.

As your business grows, you may have to add headcount to your team to manage the additional order flow. With a headless eCommerce platform, getting a new admin user setup takes a few simple steps and mere minutes. With modern technologies, there’s no need to make changes to the back end code or redeploy your platform because of simple changes such as adding new users, changing pricing, or editing product descriptions. You can make changes dynamically and on the fly.

An API-first headless platform means that your implementation and integrations are cleaner, your user interface doesn’t need to stay cluttered, and since it’s decoupled from the back end, creating a new functionality is faster than ever. With a partner like Four51, you don’t need a large development team to create the application needed to achieve eCommerce success. Our development team can help you through the process of building a platform tailored for your needs and goals.