[eBook] B2B Marketplace Introduction

May 13, 2020

Categories: B2B Marketplace, Digital Transformation Strategy

Free eBook now available – The B2B Marketplace Introduction

B2B marketplaces are a relatively new business model that is helping B2B businesses digitally transform their eCommerce operations and find long term success. This relatively new business model is helping B2B businesses digital transform their eCommerce operations and find long term success.

Historically, it was only large companies that could command buying efficiencies from suppliers.

But today, a revolution is taking place. Marketplace sponsors, businesses that have aggregate demand of a group of buyers and want to connect the demand to a select network of suppliers, realize their opportunity to create their own, private B2B marketplace.

We define a B2B marketplace as a solution built to connect supply and demand – it’s an online location where businesses can buy and sell goods. These marketplaces are defined by three main roles.

  • The Buyer
  • The Sponsor or Seller
  • The Supplier

These online marketplaces offer a seamless ordering experience created by the marketplace sponsor where orders can flow directly from buyers to suppliers.

In this eBook, we’ll dive deeper into what a B2B Marketplace is, the benefits that it brings to the businesses it connects, and how B2B marketplaces are delivered via Four51 OrderCloud.

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