Four51 Simplifies eCommerce for Minnesota’s Most Complex Businesses

September 4, 2018

Category: News

This article on how Four51 simplifies eCommerce for Minnesota businesses, was originally featured in the September 2018 Twin Cities Business Magazine issue: “Then. Now. Next.” 

1999 was the height of the internet frenzy. B2C eCommerce was exploding and revolutionizing the way people were buying and selling products.

Four51’s founders, lifelong residents of Minnesota and familiar with the complexities of manufacturers and distributors that makeup the land of 10,000 lakes, realized that the simple shopping cart approach to eCommerce that was taking off would actually create more complexities and challenges for many companies that dominate Minnesota’s business landscape.

Whether it’s getting salons to order backbar products online, or helping companies win large, global enterprise accounts, or simplifying the way consumers purchase hyper-local, perishable goods, or empowering businesses to control their brand across national franchise locations, Four51 was founded on the mission to deliver eCommerce results to the most complex of businesses across Minnesota and beyond.

“The traditional approach to eCommerce doesn’t work for our customers because of the extremely unique and highly complicated ways their businesses are run,” explains Mark Johnson, CEO of Four51. “Four51’s approach is much different. We partner with our customers to plan, build, launch and grow their digital experience, dedicated to their results and their successes at every step of the journey.”

Four51 has helped many Minnesota-based businesses including Bachman’s, Aveda, Winmark and Archway by becoming an extension of their team that brings their digital needs to life.

Archway, a leading provider of marketing logistics, fulfillment services and supply chain management solutions headquartered in Rogers, MN, now attracts and retains complex enterprise customers through custom, branded online ordering experiences.

“Four51 has enabled us to quickly and easily launch multiple enterprise solutions so far this year,” explains Sam Quick, CIO at Archway. “We’re thrilled to partner with another Minnesota-based firm to help us transform our digital offerings.”

Bachman’s now has the technical foundation to scale and grow their business digitally with the solution launched in early 2017. Winmark will control their brand and manage the eCommerce experience for their 1,200+ resale store locations and five different chains without adding additional resources once the solution being implemented is launched in Fall, 2018.

Each of these Minnesota businesses require complex, custom eCommerce and order management solutions that the largest software companies in the world could not deliver in the timeframes needed, at the budgets desired, and with the flexibility and scalability required. What they wanted was a partner who could ensure deliverability. They each have found that the innovative Minnesota company in their backyard, Four51, is here to deliver the solutions they need with the industry’s most innovative technology and an incredible team of all-Minnesota employees.

“These firms have all discovered our secret; that the combination of flexible technology coupled with great people and proven methodology is what sets us apart”, remarks Chief Solutions Officer Rich Landa.

As the Minnesota business landscape continues to change over the next 20 years, Four51 is dedicated to delivering complex eCommerce to evolving businesses here in Minnesota and around the globe.