eCommerce Optimization: 8 Features For Your B2B Site

July 28, 2015

Categories: B2B eCommerce, Headless eCommerce

Selecting an eCommerce platform for your business is no easy feat.

Aside from developing a digital strategy, gaining your stakeholders buy-in, establishing a budget, timeline and scope, and outlining your requirements, you also want to investigate features and capabilities of platforms that match your goals.

The OrderCloud platform is layered with features, functionality and capabilities that we find many businesses are looking for when it comes to B2B eCommerce optimization.

Here are 8 features and capabilities that help manufacturers, distributors and retailers choose the OrderCloud platform for their B2B eCommerce optimization needs:

  1. Responsive & Mobile: As technology constantly changes and evolves, and mobile stands out at the forefront of buyers’ behaviors, response design is becoming a necessary part of B2C and B2B eCommerce platforms. The built-in responsive design on the OrderCloud platform uses the bootstrap library to create an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any customer on any device.
  2. Never Lose Your Work: With “lots of cooks in the kitchen,” it’s important to choose a platform that helps you manage your team’s activity on the platform. On OrderCloud, your work history is saved so that you can keep track of changes to the Product Detail Templates, Spec Forms, and File Overrides. Once you make changes, you have the ability to revert back to previous settings that you had previously saved.
  3. Simplicity is an Option: For non-developers, OrderCloud provides a simplified process for changes to basic color, layout, and text. Preloaded colors, layouts and texts make it easy to differentiate your buyer interface and create a unique experience for your customers.
  4. …and so is Advanced Customization: For those who are more familiar with coding, advanced customization is made possible through AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS3/Bootstrap with OrderCloud’s Code Editor. We’ve also created a resource for developers and non-developers alike that includes step-by-step instructions on how to implement pre-coded custom solutions.The Custom Solutions Library was designed to provide more customization options that are easy to implement and could potentially save you time and money.  
  5. RESTful API: Every element on the OrderCloud platform is customizable. You do not need to figure out the logic behind a specific theme token or product detail template token. The RESTful API ensures that your website is completely expandable allowing OrderCloud to grow with your business.
  6. Spec Forms: With the Variable Spec Label field and default layout, the need for customizing a Spec Form is greatly reduced allowing you to spend minimal time in the admin center. This not only improves productivity, but also reduces your administrative costs.
  7. Single Page application: Because the entire buyer application is contained in a single page, all data about the user/categories/products/line items/etc. is available to change via code, allowing you to customize the behavior or look for any scenario.
  8. Gain Customers: In the end, a great user experience makes it easier for buyers to order your products.The new additions position you to win more business and offer new customer solutions with high-demand features like responsive design and mobile. To see more new features check out the Top 10 Features our customers love the most.