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Fast Food Franchisor Launches B2B Ordering Hub for Franchisees

February 17, 2020

Category: Digital Transformation Strategy

Like so many franchises, a growing fast food franchisor needed a more effective way to get not-for-sale, operational supplies to their franchise locations. The franchisor was using an expensive and inconvenient method that had franchisees ordering in multiple ways. Franchisees could place orders by:

  • Calling into a call center
  • Calling in orders for materials listed in a printed catalog
  • Contacting vendors for supplies and ordering through the vendor’s chosen method. 

This disconnected ordering experience was unable to support the fast food franchisor’s projected growth plans. The business realized that it had an opportunity to use technology to deliver a service to franchisees while solving a broken system and ultimately support long term growth. 

Fast Food Franchisor Launches B2B Ordering Hub for Franchisees

Four51 worked with the franchisor to implement a modern, online order management solution. Now, restaurant locations can order everything they need to run their business from an intuitive, convenient, 24x7x365 online experience available on any device.

With the help of modern technology, the fast food franchisor can now configure the franchisee ordering experience on a user, group, or company-wide basis. For example, user preferences, business rules, pricing, approvals, and product views can be configured on an owner by owner or location by location basis – virtually eliminating ordering errors while supporting all corporate procurement processes automatically.

In this one B2B ordering hub, franchisees can now order all of the supplies they need to run their business online and on one site. The franchisees can order:

  • Food ingredients and supplies from the vendors/suppliers designated for the particular location.
  • Customized marketing materials, including generating and previewing location-specific collateral before it’s sent to print.
  • Branded gear like uniforms, aprons, and promotional apparel.

Since implementing a B2B ordering hub, this fast food franchisor has been able to grow locations worldwide and is managing more orders online than ever. The eCommerce experience created the automation and efficiencies the franchisor needed to scale and grow. 

Whether you are a franchisor in the fast food, healthcare or fitness industry, more and more franchisors are turning to modern eCommerce technology to streamline operations and support long term growth. Success stories like this are becoming more common, and Four51 is committed to creating more of them. 

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