Draw Your Users’ Attention to Specific Items with the New Featured Items Solution

December 22, 2015

Online sites are no longer just comprised of product categories, products, buy buttons, and checkout anymore. Online shoppers can get easily distracted as if they were walking through a brick and mortar store. Sites have banners, promotions, categories with sub-categories and sub-sub-categories, product reviews, product comparison, and the list goes on and on. Luckily, with the Custom Solutions Library, you can easily help direct your users to specific products or categories of your site using the new Featured Items custom solution.

Featured Items create a destination on your site for users to view any type of featured product or offer.

You can customize the size, location, and artwork of this area, and make it custom to each site. Not sure how to incorporate Featured Items? Here are some ideas so you can get more from your users.

  • Add a Clearance of Sale section to help users easily navigate to discounted items
  • Highlight new products with a New Arrivals section linked on the homepage to new items or category
  • Have an item that many of your users swear by? Include a Popular or Most-Purchased item section on the site
  • Show off seasonal items that might regularly be purchased during 2-4 month span due to weather or holidays
  • Encourage sales of a proudct that may have low-order rates by highlighting it on the homepage

The Featured Items section can be changed out easily and at any time.

Simply prepare new artwork and new URL to link to, then switch them out using Custom User Fields.  All code and instructions to implement Featured Items can be found in the Custom Solutions Library.  If you are not familiar with the Custom Solutions Library, read this introductory post to find out how to get access.