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Global Fitness Franchisor Automates Supply Chain, Launches Private B2B Marketplace

February 17, 2020

Categories: B2B Marketplace, Digital Transformation Strategy

Today, eCommerce technology needs to do so much more than allow for online ordering. It must also improve vendor management, increase profits and margins, and streamline inefficiencies. 

A fitness franchisor needed a way to update their vendor management system and processes. They wanted to use marketplace technology to create a B2B marketplace that would connect their franchisees to their supplier network. 

By creating a private B2B marketplace, they were hoping to:

  • Simplify the ordering process for franchisees
  • Support international growth plans
  • Enable supplier management of product information
  • Optimize shipping and freight options
  • Simplify payments for franchisees
  • Create visibility to analytics and reporting on franchise operations

The global fitness franchisor came to Four51 looking for a partner to build and maintain a modern, private B2B Marketplace. This new business model allowed the franchisor to optimize the franchisee to supplier relationships and create a more efficient digital supply chain that would support future growth. 

Global Fitness Franchisor Automates Supply Chain, Launches Private B2B Marketplace

Now, Franchisees can log-on and place orders from the suppliers the franchisor assigns to them based on franchise brand and location. It’s easy to browse, shop, order, and re-order all of the supplies they need to run their business. Promotions and announcements are communicated clearly. Orders can be placed containing products from multiple suppliers within one transaction.

The franchisor’s vendor management team now has options for how they want to manage relationships with their suppliers. They can either give suppliers the ability to maintain their own product information, pricing information and communications themselves without contacting the franchisor. Or they can make updates to the supplier’s account and product information themselves via an easy-to-use administrative interface.

With a modern, private B2B marketplace, the global fitness franchisor has more full control over the supplier network, giving them the full picture to make broader strategic decisions. They have been able to negotiate better pricing, increase margins, and ultimately create a more efficient supply chain. 

But, fitness franchisors aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from private B2B marketplaces. With a digital accomplice, many franchisors can take advantage of modern technology and implement game-changing eCommerce, Order Management and Marketplace technology.

You can read more case studies in our latest eBook, 4 Franchisor Success Stories. 

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