Four51 Focuses on Women in Technology

March 31, 2020

According to a recent Accenture study, women currently make up 24% of the workforce in the tech industry with expectations for that workforce to shrink over the next few years. 

You read that right – less than a quarter of the tech industry is currently made up of women. And if action is not taken, those numbers will continue to shrink.

Over the past year, Four51 has made an effort to create more opportunities for women in technology by: (1) focusing on gender diversity in our hiring efforts, and (2) continuing to make Four51 a great place to work for both women and men.

Four51 focused 2019 and early 2020 hiring efforts on bringing their numbers above industry standards. 

37% of Four51’s new hires in 2019 were women. 

Four51 designs, develops, and delivers custom eCommerce, order management, and B2B marketplace solutions for highly complex businesses.  “A diverse customer base with uniquely complex needs requires a broad range of perspectives and skillsets. We believe that creating diverse teams will only deliver better results for our customers,” explained Kayla Bryant, Market Development Director and Recruiting Manager at Four51.

To support an increasingly diverse team, Four51 also updated its office space and company benefits to support a broader range of needs. 

Following the lead from technology giants like Salesforce and Microsoft, a new Four51 family leave policy was announced late last year, offering all employees, male and female, 12 weeks paid leave after the arrival of a new family member (birthed or adopted).

“In order to attract the best talent – women and men – we know that continuing to make Four51 a supportive and inspiring place to work is very important,” explained Kari Weiss, HR Director. “We’ve invested time and resources in both our hiring strategies and in our office space and culture improvement plans.”

Four51’s office, located in downtown Minneapolis right off the light rail, now offers employees:

  • More private spaces within their open office environment for nursing, meditation, prayer, and more.
  • A women’s committee committed to making sure all employees’ voices are heard.
  • A flexible work environment with work from home options, supporting the work life needed by both women and men today.

“With aggressive 2020 growth goals, Four51 is committed to continuing these hiring efforts,” Bryant explained. “We’ve made progress, but we definitely have a long ways to go as a company and as an industry. As we kick-off this new decade, Four51 is dedicated to continuing to make the tech industry a great place to work for women and men, alike.”

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