[VIDEO] Four51 Goes Remote: 4 Tips for Working From Home From a Tech Company

March 23, 2020

Back in January, we launched our 2020 B2B eCommerce Predictions eBook. In the eBook, we talked about how marketplaces, APIs and more would change the B2B business in the coming year. 

What we didn’t predict was how a pandemic would change the business world across the globe. Businesses everywhere are now transitioning to remote operations where entire organizations are working from home. 

Working from home brings its fair share of challenges – like ensuring employees have access to the right technology and avoiding guest appearances of kids in video conference calls. Here at Four51, we thought we would share what our new working from home operations looked like and share some tips on going remote. 

4 Tips for Working From Home From a Tech Company

1. Establish a New Routine

One of the most common work from home tips is to establish a new routine. Getting up and going to work when your bed is calling for “just five more minutes” is hard enough when you’re heading into an office across town. It’s that much harder when your new office is only a room away. Right off the bat, establish a new routine – get up around the same time and change into your “work clothes”. During these extra stressful times, it could be helpful to build in time away from your desk (and at the appropriate six feet from others) – a walk around the block, meditating, or lunch break with your kids are some great ideas. 

2. Set Up a Home Office

Your new home office might be an actual office or it could be a kitchen table that you’re sharing with your spouse. Regardless of where your new home office is located, it’s important to establish a new home office space. Set up this space in a way that makes you feel productive and with the resources you need to do your job. For some that might mean post-it notes and an extra monitor, for others that might mean noise cancelling headphones to drown out your daughter’s music lessons.

3. Embrace Virtual Meetings

Today, there are more tools than ever to make remote teamwork easy. Between Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Slack, you can stay connected with your coworkers to continue collaborating on projects, discuss strategy or ask a quick question. Try to encourage teams to continue talking virtually to keep business moving and keep morale up. 

4. Make the Most of it

At the end of the day, working remotely is different for many businesses and people. So, it’s important to make the most of it and cut each other some slack. It’s okay if your kid runs behind you while you’re in a virtual team meeting. Yes, your dog might bark at a squirrel while you’re on a phone call. And yes, you should have a team meeting or happy hour on video. 

Here at Four51, we’re working hard to come together while we have to work apart.