Case Study

A National Retail Franchise Benefits from FLEX, a PIM Built on Four51 OrderCloud

February 25, 2019

Category: Digital Transformation Strategy

Our partner, GO2 Partners, developed a cloud-based Product Information Management (PIM) system called FLEX on top of Four51 OrderCloud, our API-first eCommerce platform. Go2Partners uses FLEX to help­ companies integrate their product information to their websites, eCommerce sites, dealer portals, and more. Here’s one of their customers’ stories.

A Complicated Situation

A national retail franchise system that sells pet food had a problem.

They provide flexibility to their franchisees in how they run their business. They have the option of whether they want to operate a physical retail storefront, just offer local delivery, or both. But either way, a strong eCommerce experience is always front and center.

Unfortunately, their website didn’t support the ability for franchisees to customize the experience to the extent they needed. Plus, their platform’s uptime was consistently less than acceptable, which forced them to implement additional IT systems and software. Product information was kept in separate silos across these various systems, so every time information needed to be changed, it was important that it was updated, manually, across all of the various systems.

A Comprehensive Solution for a Complex eCommerce Experience

GO2 Partners designed a comprehensive, integrated solution that allowed the franchisor to consolidate systems and offer franchisees the customization capabilities they needed to run successful businesses.

The franchisor now houses all product information in FLEX, the PIM built on top of OrderCloud. This gives them the flexibility they need to feed product data from FLEX to each of the franchisee’s individual websites and the eCommerce platform at large.

Their franchisees now have the ability to change content quickly and easily on locally-managed websites thanks to GO2’s Channel CMS Platform. Their eCommerce site, built on OrderCloud, now offers the ability for consumers to subscribe for purchase and delivery. It’s integrated with each franchisee’s point of sale system as well, so online and offline data is managed and accessible in one place.

Now that the franchisor has a fully integrated, comprehensive solution, they have better visibility into the business, which will allow them to drive more significant growth.

To learn more about GO2 Partners and their FLEX solution, visit their website.