The Future of Four51, Now a Sitecore Company

April 2, 2021

Category: Digital Transformation Strategy

A letter from Mark Johnson, Four51 CEO, and just named Global President of Commerce at Sitecore

It’s been an exciting few months at Four51. By now you’ve heard the news that Sitecore has completed the acquisition of Four51, and we’ve officially joined the Sitecore family. 

Today everyone is inundated with content and information; your window of interaction with your customers is getting smaller and smaller, and their expectations on world-class experiences are getting higher everyday, for both commerce and content

Because buyers expect a frictionless, omni-channel digital experience, it only made sense that we link arms with a global leader like Sitecore as we charge into the future. Our partnership is focused on supporting your need for sustainable technology that is going to enable you to deliver the digital experiences your customers expect.

With the transaction closed, I will be joining Sitecore as President of Sitecore’s commerce business, overseeing the Four51 product integration into Sitecore’s technology as well as engaging with partners and customers on its commerce offering.

Work is already underway to create an integrated product offering. We’ll continue to focus on enabling the enterprise business through a platform which will power commerce, content, and marketing automation. You’ll get the benefits of API-first, cloud-native architecture and composable commerce, but under a cohesive and connected product portfolio with Sitecore, that empowers marketers and business users at scale

Initially, we’ll be focused on globalization, taking Four51 into new markets around the world. Our B2B-first commerce focus will not only unlock the ability to deliver solutions for more complex customers, but also efficiently cover B2C and everything in between in a customer’s commerce growth strategy.

With the integration of Boxever (also recently acquired by Sitecore), customers will see improved personalization and marketing automation capabilities. You will see our commerce offering rapidly integrate these capabilities to target consumers with Sitecore’s unified customer data platform.   

Locally, we intend to invest and grow in Minneapolis as a new development base. As I said in the press release, “Our team is energized by the momentum brewing since the plans to join the Sitecore team were announced. The future for Sitecore in Minneapolis is bright.” We expect to grow our team with a focus here in Minneapolis, a place which has been called the “The Silicon Valley of the Midwest.

Now as part of the Sitecore team, we’re more prepared than ever to help you navigate the changing digital landscape and succeed with the best-in-class digital experiences your customers expect.


Mark Johnson
Four51 CEO, and now Sitecore, President of Commerce