How B2B eCommerce reduces costs and automates sales and marketing operations

February 5, 2015

In B2B, eCommerce is not just about customer facing catalogs and automated financial transactions. While those are important pieces of a B2B strategy, there are many other operational benefits that companies can obtain through the use of today’s modern B2B platforms when it comes to sales, marketing and company specific programming.

Marketing Operations

From a marketing operations standpoint, B2B eCommerce is a key solution to marketers operational challenges. Whether it’s enforcing a consistent brand message and story across all distribution channels or its developing a world class customer experience, today’s B2B eCommerce can help. Marketers use it to deliver marketing content to downstream go-to-market channels of all shapes and sizes. This content is customized or co-branded by the distribution partner providing brand compliance and consistency to the marketing department, while simultaneously providing convenience and control to the sales channel. The end result is less time spent by both parties managing internal transactions and more time spent on developing strategic efforts to grow the business and the bottom line.

Sales Operations

In sales operations, B2B eCommerce can be used to manage vendor data, manage the sale of multiple brands or product lines, and even clean-up IT infrastructure issues in regards to reporting and managing sales. Modern B2B solutions can also handle the complexities of supporting multiple branded catalogs and unique customer experiences under a single administrative console. Through built-in branding tools, permissions and approval rule configurations, these individual catalogs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of complex customers and still provide the advantages of a single administrative environment. In addition, automated tasks like routine order confirmation, status updates, shipment tracking, and automated supplier routing reduce the amount of time sales people have to spend on non-strategic activities.

Custom Solutions and the Cloud

Leading edge B2B eCommerce solutions are built as Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning they are delivered natively from the cloud and require no licenses, hardware, or management and can be instantly deployed. The OrderCloud platform allows Four51 to build custom eCommerce applications quickly and cost-effectively using the OrderCloud REST API and development tools. A custom cloud-based application can be built in a fraction of the time and expense normally required.  For example, your operations may require a call center application to front-end order entry with a specific workflow, or your sales organization may need an application that allows field reps to pull together customized proposals on-the-go, and instantly send them off to customers to help expedite the sales process.

Reducing costs and automating Sales and Marketing operations can be done through B2B cloud-based eCommerce platforms with an extensive set of capabilities and a REST API to effectively solve these challenges across the organization. Take advantage of the dramatic cost savings opportunities available on the go-to-market sides of your businesses by getting creative with your platform today!