How B2B eCommerce will Reduce Your Call Center Costs

January 15, 2015

In businesses that have complex sales channels, call centers have been the standard way of taking orders from channel partners.

That’s because, with channel complexities like tiered pricing plans, regional product differences, branding requirements, and varying payment methods, just to name a few, it has historically required a person on the phone to make decisions regarding order placement.  That’s all changing now with cloud-based B2B commerce systems that can handle those complexities and create self-service order management for complex channels.

Cost Reduction

With the advent of these new technologies, companies using call centers for order management are now looking at self-service ordering as a means to significantly reduce costs.  This cost reduction usually comes in two different forms:

  1. Reduced error rates:  Before implementation of an eCommerce or order management system, we’ve seen customers with order error rates from 18% to 40%.  Eradicating those kinds of error rates is certainly significant, not only in the call center, but also downstream in the order process.
  2. Elimination of call center reps’ time spent processing routine orders:  Similarly, eliminating (or even reducing) time spent on routine order processing can yield some significant savings.  In a recent case we saw order costs drop from $60 per order to $1 per order through the implementation of a sophisticated B2B commerce system.

Consistent and automated customer experience

In order to ease the transition to self-service for your customers, give call center reps interfaces that are proxies for the customer interfaces so that automated emails and reporting happen as if the customer themselves was ordering.  That way, customers will see the advantages of the system and begin to order on their own.

More time for customer interaction

If you have a complex sales channel and are looking to drive ROI into your business, consider implementing a B2B commerce system. Your call center reps will be able to focus on solving more interactive and less defined customer problems while simultaneously reducing the cost of ordering.