Integrating CMS into eCommerce | Made Possible by MACH

November 5, 2020

Categories: B2B eCommerce, Headless eCommerce

In the floral industry, education and inspiration are key aspects to the buying process. For customers coming in retail stores to purchase seeds, flowers, or gardening equipment, they’re met with beautiful floral arrangements, educational signage, and even workshops and events to help guide them toward their purchase. For online purchases, the ability to maintain robust, ever changing content is vital.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit this year, improving that online buying experience became more than just an important channel strategy to watch – digital became the only channel strategy. This national floral retailer knew that providing that same sort of educational experience online was just as important. Not only has the global pandemic impacted business operations, but has expedited the shift in buyer preferences that experts had been hinting at for years. 

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, content is a key component of a successful buying process. Using content to drive purchase decisions has long been a big part of B2C eCommerce experiences, but today, B2B buyers also favor a consistent experience across channels, easy checkout experiences with features such as multiple payment options, simple reordering and more. According to Demand Gen’s annual 2020 B2B Buyer Behavior Report, 76% of buyers note that vendor selection and buying decisions are significantly impacted by content. 

Case Study: National Floral Retailer Integrates Best-in-Class CMS with the OrderCloud eCommerce Platform

With highly custom content that requires frequent updating as seasons change, this National Floral Retailer had a content management challenge ahead of them. Having full control over how their content is presented on the user experience side was vital. 

Unfortunately, a legacy, monolithic content management system was holding them back.

One of the benefits of eCommerce platforms like OrderCloud built with MACH architecture, is it makes plugging in and swapping out other best-in-class microservices your reality.

Unfortunately, for businesses with eCommerce powered by legacy, monolithic software, adding a new content management system (CMS) to the buying experience might not be as easy as they think. Traditional technology makes new integrations time consuming and costly, as well as risky to the performance of the entire system. So adding a Content Management System (CMS) to the technology stack might not be an option because of cost or connectivity. 

Because of OrderCloud’s MACH architecture, we could work with the Floral Retailer to outline their content needs and to identify a new CMS that could work and grow with them over time.

Contentful, an API-first, headless Content Management System (CMS), was best suited to meet their needs. Contentful is an example of a really flexible, headless content management system (CMS) – it comes with basic asset management that has completely custom content models for the different types of content you might have, like a blog post or a static page. These can be used to create a very custom user experience. 

We were able to respond quickly, integrating Contentful’s base application into the Retailer’s OrderCloud application.

This allowed them to maintain creativity and flexibility in their content creation process. Continuing to use content to drive the digital buying experience for their customers enabled them to maintain their customer base through a time when online ordering was the only option.

As they think ahead to tomorrow and buyers’ preference toward digital purchases, the flexibility of their new CMS integrated with the OrderCloud platform will only continue to aid in their success.

A Summary: MACH Architecture Supports a Best-of-Breed Integrations Strategy

With the extensibility and flexibility that comes with MACH architecture, integrating a new content management system into your commerce experience doesn’t mean having to overhaul your technology stack. Instead, it means taking advantage of APIs to integrate robust CMS capabilities directly into the front-end user experience, all without risk to the backend business logic. 

As a platform built with MACH architecture, OrderCloud™ is headless in nature. This means that B2B businesses can take advantage of the backend architecture and robust eCommerce feature set while creating unique buyer experiences by integrating with a headless CMS. 

Integrating two MACH technologies gives you the capability to scale content creation and content management needs with the confidence of future-proof eCommerce business logic to keep their businesses running. 

MACH architecture is allowing future-looking businesses to do more with their eCommerce solutions like adding content into the buying experience. Between headless, API-first eCommerce platforms allowing custom ordering experiences for your buyers and CMS powering custom content models for modern, powerful user experiences, B2B businesses can now meet evolving customer demands today and in the future.