International Consignment Franchisor Expands Omni-Channel Strategy to Social Media

April 16, 2021

Category: Digital Transformation Strategy

Now, more than ever, your customers’ demands are evolving. You’re expected to be available anytime, anywhere, on any device, at any time. And these demands are creating new channels for you to manage. 

This approach is referred to as an omni-channel strategy. It includes multiple channels – such as online storefronts, offline order taking experiences, social media and direct to consumer channels – and the goal is to meet customers where they are and offer a consistent buyer experience. 

Here’s an example of how one franchisor developed an omni-channel eCommerce strategy using OrderCloud:

One of our customers is an international consignment franchisor who owns and operates multiple brands who operate over 1000 locations across the United States. Their customers come into the physical stores to buy and sell used goods (clothing, sporting equipment, and/or musical instruments, depending on the brand). Thus, brick and mortar sales had been the main source of sales across their locations.

But as customers’ digital demands increased, this franchisor saw an opportunity to improve their digital channel. They came to Four51 looking for a platform that would support the need to stand up eCommerce sites for all five of their consignment brands. The consignment-nature of products, requires franchisees to manage inventory that is purchased by the store and resold to customers. This complexity made selecting the right eCommerce platform important..

Today, eCommerce shoppers can navigate from brand-to-brand via a branded navigation. They can purchase products from their local shop, or from any location across the world.

But they didn’t stop there. Driving customers to the physical stores and their branded eCommerce experience is one thing. But meeting customers where they are at across other channels – that’s the real benefit of an omni-channel strategy.

International Consignment Franchisor Expands Omni-Channel Strategy to Social Media

OrderCloud’s API-first architecture makes extending your eCommerce experience to new channels.

Using the OrderCloud API, the franchisor  integrated with Google Ads to run specific localized ads, Google Analytics to track traffic and gain valuable customer insights, Channable to reach customers via Facebook and Instagram shop feeds. 

Since extending to social media, the international franchisor has seen a 200% lift in social media sales. Meeting customers where they are at – in this case on social media – allows you to capitalize on sales you would have otherwise missed.

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