New Custom Solutions: Modal Window Upgraded

March 30, 2016

Modal window solutions are not a new, revolutionary feature by any means, but they continue to provide value to the buying process for businesses.

Keep in mind that business buyers typically aren’t shopping, they are buying. Often times they know exactly what they need, so they prefer the buying process to be quick, direct, and without distractions.

We discussed in an earlier blog that modal windows make it easier to share information to business buyers without disrupting their purchasing process.  Using modal windows creates an overlay on top of the page users are currently visiting with the necessary information. No redirecting. No getting lost in the checkout process. No confusion.

The new Modal Window solutions recently released to the Custom Solutions Library are just two more ways you can smooth the buying process for your users.

Terms Modal transforms the Terms & Conditions page into a Modal Window overlay.  No more sending your users to a new window just to read T’s & C’s!

Category Modal provides the option to add a link anywhere on your site that opens up an overlay with the category and sub-category list. A common place for the link would be your site’s top navigation, but it can be added anywhere you choose.