Tech Talk: How Non Developers Can Create Custom Solutions on Four51 OrderCloud

June 22, 2015

In the beginning of June, we announced a powerful new tool for our customers; we call this tool the Custom Solutions Library.  If you haven’t heard about it, listen up now so you can take advantage!

We’ve made it easy for even non-developers to add new features to your sites by providing instructions and pre-built code for many of the most popular Four51 OrderCloud solutions.  Use these solutions on as many sites as you want, whenever you want, and it’s free for members.

The Custom Solutions Library includes:

  • A catalog of high-demand features
  • Fully coded modules
  • Instructions were written by non-techies for non-techies
  • Tested and retested for effortless implementation
  • FREE for use
  • New features added every month

Check out this video to learn more about how to sign-up and use this new tool:

One major benefit of the Custom Solutions Library is that it is always evolving; we are adding new solutions every month. Checkout our newest solutions: Same As Shipping and Large Address List Search solutions once you’ve signed up.

1.  Same as Shipping Checkbox:

Is it common for your sites to use the same address for Billing and Shipping on an order?  If so, this is a perfect solution for you.  When implemented, this solution creates a checkbox on the Billing section of the checkout flow that allows a user to check, indicating the billing address is the same as the shipping address that was previously selected.

Check it out by following this link to our demo site:

2.  Large Address List Search:

When added to the Shipping or Billing section of checkout, this solution adds a type-ahead input field that queries all saved addresses for similar results, so a customer can type and find the correct address quickly.  The API limits results to 100 addresses in the default drop-down, so this solution is particularly important for sites with 100+ addresses saved.

Check it out by following this link to our demo site:

Please note: Implementing both of these solutions together requires extra customization and code.  Please reach out to the Four51 support team (, if you would like them both on the same site.

If you have any questions about the new Custom Solutions Library, submit a case to Four51 and an account representative will assist you.

What solutions have you added to your sites using the Custom Solutions Library? What new solutions would you like to see available in the Custom Solutions Library?