The Four51 OrderCloud Platform Moves to Microsoft Azure

September 20, 2016

Category: News

Today we’re announcing our successful migration to Microsoft Azure, an open and flexible cloud computing platform and infrastructure, enabling infinite flexibility and scalability of the Four51 OrderCloud eCommerce platform.  

“OrderCloud is built on the Microsoft .NET stack, making the decision to migrate to Microsoft Azure a logical one,” said Steve Davis, OrderCloud CTO. “We looked at other cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon AWS, but our successful history with Microsoft tools and technologies assured us moving to Azure was the right decision. The entire migration process took just under 2 months and was completed in-house, entirely by the OrderCloud platform team.”

With the migration to Azure, it is now much simpler for applications to adapt and scale based on performance. In the event of a spike in traffic, for example, triggers are configured to scale out to meet these growing needs on the fly, and scaled back during low traffic.

“We’re excited to explore more possibilities that come with hosting OrderCloud on Microsoft Azure. We’ll be looking at integrating with Azure Search and Azure Data Warehouse over the coming months,” said Davis.