Case Study

Papa John’s Drives Franchise Efficiency with the OrderCloud API

July 24, 2015

Category: Case Studies

Papa John’s is a national franchise pizza chain with over 17,000 employees and 3,500 stores. Historically, Papa John’s had utilized a catalog and call center system to process orders. This was not only expensive to operate but also inconvenient for franchise owners, wasting both time and money. It also did not allow for real-time customization of material to support specific franchise locations’ promotions, programs or specials.

As the company grew over time and the amount of stores they owned and operated grew, franchisees began to let corporate know that they needed a more effective way to order operational supplies from Corporate HQ.

To improve their franchise efficiency and reduce costs, Papa John’s developed a Franchise Operations Solution on OrderCloud’s headless eCommerce platform.

Papa John’s franchisees can now order everything they need to run their business from an intuitive, convenient, 24×7, web-based or mobile interface. Everything from approval rules to product views can be customized on an owner by owner or location by location basis – virtually eliminating all ordering errors.

DEVELOPER TIP: Implementing Approval Processes into your Ordering Procedure via the OrderCloud API

Approval rules are used to verify the integrity of an order, something that is very important when managing the operations of a franchise organization. A regional manager, for example, may want to approve of new orders for specific franchise locations if he/she is trying to cut costs.  In general, other common examples of approval rules include approval for orders that contain a specific product category, approval for quantity thresholds or approval for orders that exceed a specific price. Properties are also available to control the triggers and timing for processing approvals whether parallel to another rule, or in succession of a previous rule.

You can learn more about Approval Rules in the API Reference, or try building your own via the API Console.