Maintain Performance and Stability with a Modern Approach to eCommerce

August 9, 2018

Category: Best Practices

Today’s B2B customer expects the same easy purchasing experience that they have come to know from some of the largest retailers. They expect speed, reliability, and ease-of-use from every digital ordering experience they encounter.

But legacy eCommerce platforms often present performance issues affecting speed, reliability and the overall experience.

Performance issues experienced by legacy eCommerce platforms can stem from many things, including:

  • A database that can’t handle your growth in size
  • Outdated systems because of lack-of-upgrades
  • Bugs that are costly to fix, and bug fixes that are time consuming to implement
  • Lack of integrations due to first generation technologies

These types of issues create a poor customer experience for buyers, which often leaves your customers abandoning their carts or not wanting to come back for a repeat order later. It can also create unnecessary manual entry work as your customer service and sales reps need to spend time looking for and rekeying lost or missed orders.

Companies who take a modern approach to their eCommerce, are able to maintain strong performance and stability within the ordering experience for several reasons:

  • Because the back-end architecture is decoupled from the front-end experience, issues with a specific component of the experience won’t shut the whole store down.
  • Integrations are tighter and more reliable, as modern integration technologies, like webhooks, are used. If an issue occurs with the integration, it does not disrupt the entire system.
  • You have the most updated and upgraded version of the platform at all times, and can take advantage of new features and functionality without a large overhaul of your application.

Today’s B2B buyers don’t have time for issues with speed and performance when it comes to your online ordering experience. Taking a modern approach to eCommerce with APIs and microservices at the core allows you to maintain performance and stability, and feel confident in the experience you are providing to your customers.