Feature Release: Introducing Premium Search on Four51 OrderCloud

May 2, 2019

Category: Headless eCommerce

One of the more obvious differences between B2B and B2C is that B2B product catalogs are much larger, with many more products and SKUs. Large product catalogs are often necessary for B2B businesses because of the complex nature of many industries.

However, large product catalogs can cause many challenges for customers namely the ability to easily find the product they are looking for. It’s no secret that the user experience for B2B buyers is important and strong search capabilities are becoming an unspoken requirement.

Introducing Premium Search on Four51 OrderCloud.

This week, Four51 announced that they will be rolling out a new enhancement to the core OrderCloud platform in the coming weeks. Premium Search is the next evolution in search technology offered on the OrderCloud platform, powered by Elasticsearch.

Advantages of Premium Search:

Performance: The observable speed and responsiveness of end-user applications are significant for large data sets in particular.

Better Search Results: Overall, you’ll see a much more natural-language, Google-like search experience. Out of the box, Premium Search includes:

  • Word Stemming (plural inference, etc.), synonyms and intelligent ranking
  • All extended properties (xp) are searchable, sortable and filterable automatically including wildcard specifiers
  • Sort on any fields including xp and filter on multiple fields with logical “OR”

New Metadata: This is useful in building faceted navigation

Premium Search is currently available only in buyer-side product lists.  Plans are in the works to roll it out for seller-side products and order endpoints, in the coming months.

Premium Search is a non-breaking update to the OrderCloud API as all documented endpoints and parameters will work and function as they previously have. However, in many cases, search results will be different due to the fact that Premium Search favors natural-language semantics over exact character sequence matches.

Want more information about Premium Search?

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