Submit an Order in less than 30 Lines of Code with the OrderCloud JavaScript SDK

April 13, 2021

Categories: B2B eCommerce, Headless eCommerce

In years past, traditional B2B businesses placed orders and managed sales on spreadsheets, over the phone, or through a homegrown ERP system. While this may be a manageable process as a small business, it can quickly get out of hand as a business grows and customers evolve.  

Today, B2B businesses turn to powerful eCommerce solutions that can not only meet customer needs, but also automate ordering. Orders are the cornerstone of B2B eCommerce, and as such, they are the central concept within OrderCloud. Orders are the object where buyers, sellers, products, payments, and almost everything come together to form a business transaction.

Because OrderCloud is built with modern, MACH architecture, submitting an order is fast and easy using the OrderCloud Javascript SDK. 

Submit an Order in less than 30 Lines of Code with OrderCloud

This is a continuation of our last guide which showed you just how easy it is to make products visible in your ordercloud organization. In this guide we’ll be outlining the few simple api calls necessary to submit an order.

If you want to try to run the code yourself you’ll want to just make sure you define the CLIENT_ID the same as the one after completing the previous guide.

Submit an Order in less than 30 Lines of Code with OrderCloud

As you can see submitting an order on OrderCloud can be very easy with the javascript SDK. Of course we’re targeting the simplest of cases. Stay tuned for more complex use cases. To explore OrderCloud’s architecture and platform, download the OrderCloud Feature Guide.

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