The B2B Transformation to Digital Self-Service

April 7, 2016

Category: Best Practices

When’s the last time you called an airline to book a plane ticket?

It simply doesn’t happen anymore. Online sites and mobile apps offer better experiences to book plane tickets that are easier, faster and more convenient for customers. Rather than relying on an agency or customer service rep to make reservations for travelers, travelers are empowered to make their own reservations themselves.

This is digital self-service. And this is the future of commerce.

Digital self-service is essential for strong customer relationships. It allows users to take control of their buying experience, improving their overall interactions with businesses. A digital self-service strategy will create highly personalized experiences for your customers, making you a reliable and intuitive company to work with.

Today, B2B buyers are demanding a better online, “Amazon-like” experience. They’ve grown accustomed to B2C companies who offer digital self-service experiences, such as airline companies, and are now demanding it in their business life too. Companies who capitalize on this opportunity, as Delta, Netflix, and Uber have, will move far beyond their competitors, leaving others in the dust.

These companies have successfully created positive digital self-service experiences by mapping out personalized tools at each stage in the customer journey. From the moment someone realizes the need for a product until the end when the product or service is actually in their hand, they are able to use the site or app to their advantage. For example, the Delta app allows you to search for flights, book flights, receive real-time notifications of flight status, contact customer service, board the plane, purchase wifi, the list goes on. There is no need for a traveler to question their experience or rely on a customer service rep at any point in their trip.

OrderCloud, by Four51, enables the transformation to Digital Self-Service by making it easier for customers to do business with you.

As an API first platform with a headless user-interface architecture, it’s possible to create a highly specialized and functional user experience, coupled with customized workflow automation to solve your company’s specific customer service challenges. This open platform not only allows you to respond to your customers’ demands, but also adapts to your business’s unique processes.

Make your customers’ jobs easier. Capitalize on digital self-service. Your buyers will thank you.