#ThisIsPaaS Twitter Chat: 4 Things You Should Know About PaaS

June 15, 2016

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New research conducted by Forrester Research reveals that modern businesses who work with B2B eCommerce solutions increasingly favor cloud-hosted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to on-premise, home-grown, or SaaS solutions. For developers, it’s simple: PaaS makes their jobs easier. But what about non-developers? Why should a business care about PaaS, and how is it relevant to their eCommerce strategy?

In case you missed it, here are the 4 top takeaways on PaaS:

Simply put, PaaS = Fast.

Over and over again, attendees noted how much faster businesses could not only get to market, but get to selling with PaaS. Additionally, the flexibility that comes with a platform-as-a-service allows businesses to respond to change faster than ever before – a key differentiator in today’s ever-changing market.


Customization on PaaS is easier, faster and cheaper.

With a platform-as-a-service, businesses are able to focus on creating a personalized experience for their buyers rather than dealing with complicated infrastructure. Since the user interface is separate from the data model, completely custom customer-facing interfaces are made possible at a fraction of the time. No more dealing with a templated SaaS application, or a complicated On-Premise solution.

On-premise is just too costly.

PaaS eliminates many costs that on-premise applications weigh businesses down with. Implementation, maintenance, upgrades, employee resources and more all add up to an expensive, clunky, on-premise solution.

And finally…the puns you can create with PaaS are endless.