Top 5 Four51 OrderCloud Platform Milestones of Q1 2020

April 13, 2020

Four51 OrderCloud – our API-first, headless eCommerce platform, powers over 25 million transactions and over $5 billion in revenue annually. We continuously release features and functionality to the platform that support the evolving needs of the enterprise development teams using the OrderCloud API to power their eCommerce, order management, and B2B marketplace solutions.

After a great year of platform milestones in 2019, Quarter 1 of 2020 saw the Four51 platform team focused on continuing to enhance search capabilities. Additionally, as we see more and more businesses focused on developing B2B marketplace applications that digitally connect their aggregated demand with a network of suppliers, we remain focused on releasing enhancements to support these development needs.

Here are the Top 5 Four51 OrderCloud Platform Milestones of Q1 2020:

1. New Order Endpoints:

POST v1/orders/direction/[orderID]/complete → Previously, the only way to mark an order as “complete” was to apply shipments for all LineItem quantities. Now you can change an order’s status from “open” to “complete” without posting a shipment.

POST v1/orders/direction/[orderID]/validate → Previously, to understand if anything associated with an order was invalid, you had to attempt to Submit the order. Now you can check on things like applied promotions and inventory availability prior to submitting the order, creating a better UI workflow for your users.

2. OpenAPI 3.0 Spec Exposed

OpenAPI 3.0 is an update to the documentation that drives the content for our OrderCloud Developer Portal’s documentation and console, and what is used to generate SDKs.

3. More Enhanced Supplier Functionality: 

Suppliers can now create/edit/manage Specs of their products. These Specs are not visible to Sellers, except in relation to Products that they have been assigned to.

If, for example, a Supplier offers products to multiple private B2B marketplaces, they might want to control which Specs are available to which marketplace.

Additionally, you’re now able to return Options available on a Spec within a Seller and Supplier catalog – something that was previously not available.

4. Elasticsearch-powered Premium Search for Admin Endpoints:

Premium Search (which was unveiled in 2019) is no longer just for “me”. In other words, Premium Search is now available within the product admin experience for seller and supplier products.

Learn more on the OrderCloud blog, including a potential “gotcha” or change in search behavior.

5. Improved Control Over Search Results

We had been receiving consistent feedback that searches were returning too many results. To help you have more authority over the results shown, a new searchType parameter was added making it easier to control the rankings, results, and performance of searches within your application.

You can learn more about the new searchType on the OrderCloud blog.

Learn more about the OrderCloud API at