CASE STUDY: Turtle Wax Experiences Significant Cost Savings

March 31, 2015

Category: Best Practices

Turtle Wax® is a world leader in car care with sales in over 90 countries. Founded more than 70 years ago, the company is recognized for its continuous innovation in manufacturing appearance and performance car care products.

Despite its success, Turtle Wax had a problem.

Maintenance of their products, product inventory and pricing was becoming a constant battle. They had no way to systemize changes to products or pricing, especially across an ever-evolving Customer Service call center charged with taking all orders via telephone or fax. They had hundreds of different customers and sales reps trying to place orders for products and samples on a system that couldn’t keep up. They began to experience unnecessary costs for additional resources during high-volume times of year, increased order errors from manual mistakes and unhappy customers wanting a more modern way to place orders.

That’s why Turtle Wax implemented a Four51 solution.

“With the new Four51 solution, Turtle Wax, Inc. completely eliminated fax and manual order entry by the Customer Service team. This contributed to significant cost savings and ease of use for many individuals across the organization, for our sales reps, and ultimately for our customers.” ~Jim, Director of Operations at Turtle Wax

To read more about how Turtle Wax went from a 6% order error rate to less than 1%, download the full case study.