[eBook] The Ultimate Guide to Replatforming for B2B eCommerce Leaders

July 17, 2018

Categories: B2B eCommerce, Digital Transformation Strategy, Headless eCommerce

Manufacturers and distributors are in the midst of a digital revolution. The buying and selling experience of businesses buying from other businesses is evolving as digital becomes the expectation for everyone.

However, issues are surfacing in the digital experience manufacturers and distributors are able to provide. Many struggle to meet the complex and custom needs of their buyers because of the rigidity of their outdated, legacy eCommerce systems. B2B eCommerce leaders leading with these systems find themselves unable to meet deadlines, denying new feature requests; missing the mark on revenue goals; avoiding customizations, updates and upgrades; and passing up on integrations with new and existing technologies. These setbacks lead to missed revenue, poor customer experience, and the inability to innovate and keep up with the competition.

Today, B2B businesses have an opportunity. Replatforming, or adopting a modern approach to eCommerce, becomes the next logical step in digital transformation as your customers evolve and the experience they expect matures.

That’s why we created The Ultimate Guide to Replatforming for B2B eCommerce Leaders.

In this eBook you’ll learn more about:

  • The challenging realities of businesses’ current B2B eCommerce platforms
  • The reasons B2B businesses are motivated to replatform today
  • 4 important things to consider when replatforming
  • The key business benefits to replatforming
  • Examples of companies who have successfully replatformed

If you find yourself handcuffed by a legacy eCommerce system that is keeping you from evolving as an organization, it’s time for a chance. With a modern approach to eCommerce, you’ll quickly realize the benefits to replatforming as you continue down your digital transformation path. Download your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Replatforming for B2B eCommerce Leaders to get started.

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