[Video] The Complexities of B2B eCommerce

August 26, 2020

Categories: B2B eCommerce, Headless eCommerce

Today, every business is an online business. Like it or not, to stay competitive B2B businesses have to get good at digital — and fast.

But, it’s not that simple: B2B eCommerce is complicated. 

B2B supply chains are made up of businesses that buy, sell, and supply to and from each other, but the way they work is dependent on how their roles are configured.


For example, Distributors can be both buyers and sellers, operating as the middlemen of their supply chain. Some need the ability to offer a single user experience for all buyers, while others need to offer unique user experiences for different types of buyers.


In Manufacturing, the manufacturer acts as both the seller and the supplier, delivering unique ordering experiences to direct customers, distributors, retailers and even other manufacturers.


Then there’s Retail, where you can have buyers, sellers, and suppliers all within the same organization.  


Moving these types of complexities to digital today, while ensuring that you’re still able to adapt to tomorrow’s changing business world is a big challenge. Conventionally, businesses have been forced to use out-of-the-box software that limits their capabilities and leaves them unable to evolve to changing business conditions.

For a business as complex as yours, this simply won’t work. So what’s the best way to take your business digital?

By torching convention with Four51! 

Four51 has spent the last 20 years reimagining how eCommerce should work. We’ve streamlined it, removing all of the constraints of out-of-the-box eCommerce software, so that we can deliver modern, customizable B2B eCommerce solutions that match your business’ unique needs via the OrderCloud platform.

As an API-first, headless, cloud-native platform, OrderCloud seamlessly integrates with your existing backend and best-of-breed applications, allowing you to easily accelerate time-to-value, minimize your cost of ownership, future-proof your commerce strategy, and extend commerce to new channels as you grow — all at your own pace and within your budget.

Businesses as complex as yours need something different. Don’t let perceived complexity and short sighted software keep your business from succeeding in the digital world.

Experience the future of eCommerce today with Four51.

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