[Video] What is a B2B Marketplace?

August 28, 2020

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Where inefficiency is the greatest, the possibilities are limitless.

If you’re part of any complex and distributed business to business enterprise, like a manufacturer, distributor, or retail operator, you’re likely sitting in the middle of a private and disconnected network of buyers and suppliers.

You have large amounts of demand aggregated already, but you haven’t converted that to value.

Historically, it’s been the suppliers who’ve controlled all of this commerce and made all of the rules; pricing, shipping, and payments. Only large businesses with huge purchasing power could command buying efficiencies from their suppliers.

And smaller buyers are stuck having to go through multiple suppliers’ archaic ordering processes, while paying higher prices.

But today, you have a different opportunity to change the game for good. 

What is a B2B MArketplace?

b2b marketplace experience

You can create a virtual B2B marketplace around your business, delivering a seamless ordering experience and aggregating all of the demand. You can monetize on core transactions, shipping, and on eCommerce payments, and drastically change your revenue streams.

In B2B marketplaces, the marketplace initiators capture margins by negotiating better product, order processing, and shipping pricing thanks to their aggregate demand.

Buyers enjoy a single integrated experience with access to the suppliers’ products they need in one place.

And Suppliers can reach a larger number of buyers through one standardized interface.

So how can you ignite efficiency like this in your complex operational reality? How do you create a B2B marketplace?

extend B2B marketplace to multiple devices

You start with a technology platform that delivers robust B2B marketplace features and functionality perfectly matched to your multifaceted business needs. You leverage your existing investments in back-office systems and take advantage of best-of-breed applications to enhance and evolve the experience. 

You shorten your time-to-value with proven buyer, commerce, and supplier management functionality. And you maintain flexibility to extend ordering capabilities to new channels, devices, and customers as buying preferences evolve.

Put simply, you partner with Four51.

four51 ordercloud platform architecture

With over 20 years of experience solving complex B2B business challenges, Four51 can connect your buyers and suppliers through a world-class B2B marketplace experience powered by OrderCloud.

Create the B2B marketplace of tomorrow, today with Four51.

Download the introductory guide to everything you need to know about B2B Marketplaces.

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